The Cost of Distance

If you have at all followed this blog, you will know that it’s very name means that I am from Saskatchewan and living in BC. This affords me the opportunity to forget about things happening back at home. Today, however, I am going to talk a bit about how I feel about what is going on back at home with my family.

A while ago, maybe two years ago, my ‘second dad’ died, Mr. John Smith. For me it didn’t really hit until recently when his wife moved out of the city. I love that family, for a long time when I was growing up, they were the people that I would run to if I needed anything. I could always talk to them, they were family. I went to his funeral, I even cried allowing myself to grieve a bit, but it never actually hit me that He was gone, until now.

My grandma is dealing with Alzheimer’s and I have done a very good job not letting it hit me. I find it easier to use an out of  sight out of mind tactic when dealing with this kind of stuff that is happening at home. It’s the benefit of distance, but it isn’t available to me constantly. I read my aunt’s blog whenever she comes out with a new post. Sometimes I have a hard time getting through the blog post as she talks about struggles with my Grandma and Grandpa, whom I love dearly.

In this last post, My aunt talked about emotional survival. I have found that my out of sight, out of mind situation is not helping me out. I just let things pile up until I can’t deal with them anymore. This is me. Just my own method of dulling the pain, which I am finding I can’t do anymore because it is actually hurting the thing that I love to do, act. Emotional survival is not simply surviving, but thriving. Going through a situation, not simply looking at what is going on, but allowing yourself not to shut off everything inside while you are going through it and letting things out in a healthy way.

Knowing that my family is going through this back home hasn’t quite hit. I like to visit my grandma and grandpa whenever I get a chance, but every time I am kind of scared how much Grandma’s memory has deteriorated. When I walk in will she remember me? She doesn’t know my sisters children, how far has she deteriorated? Will she be the grandma I remember, or will she be the grandma that I hear about when I talk to my parents or read my aunt’s blog? I know that things probably aren’t that bad, but I don’t know and sometimes I am scared to ask. ‘It isn’t true as long as I don’t know for sure.’

This is the cost of distance. It may hurt even more had I lived in the city, but sometimes I think that maybe the not knowing may be worse. I love my aunt’s blog (The Book Bowery) because it affords me the opportunity to keep tabs on what is happening. I am so happy that I know that my aunt is taking care of things at home and I am honoured to have such an amazing family who are there with my grandparents and I also want to honour and thank my aunt Evonne for what she is going through with them. I love you and want you to know that what you do for them means so much to me. I don’t pretend to know what my family back home is going through and I’m sure that what I see is only a part and what I am feeling is only a portion of what they are feeling, but I am so, so, so appreciative of everybody helping out.

Life changes and evolves, we can’t get away from it. We can’t not feel and survive emotionally. We can’t bottle things up or pretend that it didn’t happen, even though that may be easier to swallow in the moment. Whether it be John Smith, my Grandma, or other news that hits me. I refuse to run from or block the emotions. When life evolves, I must feel what is happening and evolve with it, or I risk becoming dead inside until I am dead on the outside.

I thank God that I can talk to the people around me here. That I have a support system that I can use if I need to. I thank God that I have such reliable people at home taking care of things. I thank God for his divine grace under pressure for my family. I pray peace, wisdom, love, and strength over everybody at home, I love you.

The photo at the top of this post was previously posted by my aunt on her own blog (


Home is Where the Heart is part 2

Yes, Home is where the heart is. But where is your heart? If home is where you heart is and your heart is where your treasure is, then is it a possibility that most of us don’t feel like we are home because our heart is in a bank account? Just a simple thought about home.

So my home experiment has been really odd this past couple of weeks. As I have said before, I am trying to make Vancouver home. Not that I don’t love and miss everybody back home in Prince Albert, but that I need to feel home where I spend most of my time.

I’m starting to think that making a home is an art all in itself. Some people buy lots of stuff to surround themselves with all the comforts that they want. I have a room mate, and he is one of the nicest men in the world, but he surrounds himself with stuff so that he feels like he is home, but I have been watching him and he is never comfortable at home. That may be the fault of his room mate, who doesn’t approve of a lot of his ideas. I give him mad credit though, my opinions aren’t the easiest to swallow, however logical or illogical they may be. (They are all logical in my head, I guarantee you).

I have lived with Brian since September, 2015. We share an apartment in Vancouver, and He is a firefighter in Edmonton (Yes, it’s expensive for him, no I don’t understand either). I live in his living room. He has done everything that he could do to help me be comfortable…, but I still sleep in a living room. He does everything that He can and I, being the stubborn man that I am, decline much of his help because, “I’m independent!” whatever that actually means.

Back to my point, home. He gathers stuff to make it feel like home. Since part 1 of this post, I have tried to gather people to feel like I am home. Gabe, Zane, Kyle, Sam, Stuart, Jamie, Will, Jess, Patrick, Jenaaaaay :), friends. I am choosing my home out here with people that I love. It has been working a bit, but I’m sure like all good things, this takes time.

In other news about me, now that you have put up with my rant. I am getting closer to finishing the sound on John Doe (and when I say I, I mean Steven, my brother). He was so happy to help me with my project and bless him, because I know that I would have no idea where to start and I know that he is so willing to jump right in.

So I am looking for a production team for a new short film that I have finished writing called ‘Delivery’. I haven’t been having much luck with it until yesterday. I was out with a friend having coffee (which turned into lunch and almost supper) at the Warehouse on Hastings (Picture below) and I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in about 6 months at least. He stopped at my table and we talked for a bit, I gave him the script and he was like, “You know, I may have a friend that would be perfect to produce this, and I’d like to be a part of this project.” and WHAM! piece number one fits into place. So that is what has happened professionally these last couple weeks.


I am going on a trip to LA for a couple days here in December. I am very likely going to be making a post completely about that. I met a couple friends from LA and they invited me to come out and join a birthday party. From what I understand, the birthday party isn’t happening, but the trip still is. I am so excited for this! New places, new experience. I’ll talk to you guys in a couple of weeks.

Remember, Home may be where the heart is, but your heart is where your treasure is, and you can choose where you put your treasure. image

Where the Heart is… Part 1

I have long heard the phrase home is where the heart is. I even quote the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when I quote it myself. “Home. Home is where the heart is, that’s what they say. I do miss London so.” What I find interesting about this statement is that like the quote, I used to see home as a place, which it isn’t. Home is where the people that you love are. You can be popular with people around you in a new place, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter how many people you have around you, home is where your heart is, and your heart is where people that you love are.

I get homesick a lot, I don’t have many opportunities to visit family and still home is not where I am living, but I guess that is a choice all in itself, isn’t it? There are people out here that I love more than anything, however, it still isn’t home. We choose to make home. We choose to surround ourselves with people that we can love or not. Home. To be home. I’m trying to make home around me. It’s a recent choice that I have made. I’ll keep you updated.

I find that people just aren’t going to like you wherever you go. People will be jealous of your choices, of your success, of your ability to go after what you want in life, you can’t change that, but you also can’t let it stop you from going after what you want. I am starting to see the difference between people who are jealous of me and want to cling on whatever success I may have and people who actually support me. ‘You can always tell.’ you may say, but can you? It is a lot harder then you would believe.

I had the opportunity to work on Supernatural with Misha Collins recently, which was a lot of fun, but I found it interesting because all of a sudden people that I haven’t talked to in a long time sent me friend requests. It’s funny because it is almost like winning the lottery. I love the fanfare, but I have almost abandoned the idea of having a personal Facebook page. I hope that my success continues, and I hope that you continue to follow me through my journey to find what it means to be who I am when people are watching and when people aren’t.

Have a great Day! Enjoy the home that you have made. I will enjoy the home I am making.

A Life on The Line

Never take anything for granted, but make every decision and every day count. That’s the advice I was given, but how do we do that? I started when this blog originally started back in April of 2013. It’s been a while and things have changed greatly since then. It started about doing what I wanted to do and God was with me in that, now it is different yet still the same.

I now have the advantage of doing something that I love while spending my spare time doing other things that I love. I work at Boston Pizza Stadium district here in Beautiful, rainy Vancouver, BC, which has it’s own challenges, but the people there are amazing, if not the service, but we are working on that part. We are a group that has been through some hard times this summer but have come out the other side and are better for it, or at least that’s what we are telling ourselves…, and our customers.

As for Professionally, I am still acting, just having aired my first professional gig on Supernatural in October. It is fun seeing all of my friends start to book things. I am working on a couple short films that I have written trying to make them.

I always think that I am doing nothing out here, but writing a letter home kind of puts things in perspective for me.

My current projects include: John Doe (short) (post-sound), Found (Short) (writing), Rules of Love (Short) (backburner), Delivery (Short) (writing), Critical Thinker (blog posts happening often, well, more often then here), Untitled Period Piece Feature (writing), as well as taking classes all the time and having a lot of fun in the process.

My teacher, which is more of an industry mentor, I met about a year ago and have become close with, his name is G Patrick Curry. He played Fifth on a TV show I used to watch named StarGate SG-1, a small little show that happened here in Vancouver. Dustin Hoffman said that as an actor, you should find a teacher that thinks that you have something, because you will spend enough time doubting yourself. I have grown so much in the past year and I have to give a lot of the credit to Patrick and God for the help that they have given me. Both in personal growth and acting. If you want more information, Patrick is on IMDB and God is in the Bible look them up.

I want to start blogging here again, and so I had to catch up first so that the rest of my posts don’t seem so out of place.

Enjoy your life, put your life on the line, hold nothing back.

Something A Little Different

What has been on my mind today has been a little bit different then the past couple weeks. Every once in a while while reading I will notice something that I have never seen before. This morning I was reading the book of Daniel in the Bible and something jumped out that I had never seen before.

When I think of the stories of Daniel and Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. I am forced to compare the two stories. First lets look at the facts presented.

  • The Four of them were all friends.
  • They all took a stand or what was right.
  • They all made a name for God in adverse situations.

Now that we have that out of the way I’m going to propose a thought to you that maybe I see because I’m an actor/writer, but something I noticed nonetheless. The way that Daniel and Shadrach Meshach and Abednego treated people were much different. Let’s look at how they talk to people.

Daniel, multiple times sounds just like the Babylonians, beginning his sentences with “May the King Live Forever!“ There is no disrespect in his tone, there is no confrontation. Even when he is coming out of the Lion`s Den, Daniel shouts from the Lion`s Den `May the King Live Forever.` Whenever you hear him speak, he speaks with such respect for everybody that people love him. In fact I`m sure that the only reason he was in the lion`s den was because it was a new ruler and new people alongside Daniel. We know that King Darius loved the guy, he spent all day trying to save him.

Now look at the other three. When they talked to people they take a firm stand the way that you would think that stands need to be made. I for a long time have admired them for what they said to the King when they were being thrown into the fiery furnace, and I still love how strong the stand was. They say, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” I can hear the Christians around the world cheering at the three boys saying that to the King and I love this portion of the exchange between the boys and the king.

Whaoo! Wait a Sec. Stop! Think! Take a step back. We don`t hear a whole lot from how these boys talked. and Where was Daniel? They were friends, Daniel would be there too, afterall, he seemed to be the spokesperson out of the four. I have heard theories that he was out of town during the event, but I don’t think he was. Why wasn’t he on the bonfire brigade?

I have a theory, Daniel didn’t bow, he stood, but if you looked at how he spoke to people, even to the guard given the charge to kill them earlier in the book, he spoke with respect and the guy gave him the night to pray and interpret the dream of the king.

I have this theory that the three boys were confrontational in the way they dealt with Babylonians, maybe with a little bit better then you attitude? If they had that, then why were they given the authority they had? Because Daniel put them in charge and the king gave Daniel everything that he wanted. (Daniel 2:49).

I believe that people were watching and waiting for the boys to mess up because they didn’t like them. They were righteous, just like Daniel. They took a stand, just like Daniel. They had God on their side, just like Daniel. They kept their traditions of worshipping God, just like Daniel. Daniel, however, was more relational. He cared about everybody in the kingdom and spoke to them with respect. Daniel cared about the people all around him and he worked out of relationship with God and with each other. I think Daniel was the kind of person to remember everybody’s name, to talk to anybody who would talk to him.

Shadrach Meshach and Abednego on the other hand came across a little confrontational, and I don’t have a lot of evidence to back this up beyond what is in the book of Daniel, but I challenge you to look at the way these people talked to others. Daniel found favour with everybody around him. He stayed in power through three kings in a time when the present king would kill the previous king’s advisors.

Think about it. It’s something a little different from the story.

Moving Forward

Everything in life leads us up to the point that we are living at right now! Everything. That means every relationship, every situation, every school test, everything. This is what creates the scene that we are living right now. For me, that has led me to sitting in my living room with a laptop on my lap typing a blog that I really don’t know where it is going, almost ready to fall asleep.

There isn’t a clear cut way to go to where you need to be in life. If I was to do life over again, I wouldn’t make all the same decisions, however, I do believe that I would still be where I am (sitting in my living room with my laptop). I would be doing exactly what I am doing in life. I believe that if we are moving forward we will reach our destination, as long as we are moving forward.

We are not a cookie cutter mammal. We can`t say to everybody go through school get a college degree, make money money money, get married, retire and die.`That may work for some people but that isn`t what drives people like me.

I spent the last couple of weeks with Myke Danger, my cousin. It was interesting because he hates 9-5 as much as I do. I will work my ass off in a job where I can do what I love in the time off, but a 9-5 seems to suck the life right out of me. “but you will never be rich“ sorry, that`s not what I`m after. I don`t want to be that guy in 50 years saying, I always wonder what would have happened if I would have done (insert random thing here). I want to be the guy that in 50 years says, “Wow! what a thrill of a life.“ If I can`t say that I have done everything that I wanted to with the people that I wanted to then I have failed.

For people like Myke and myself, it isn`t enough to be alive, we must live! I went skydiving a couple of weeks ago, I loved it. The feeling of getting pushed out of an aircraft at 10,000 feet was amazing, it was something that I had always wanted to do. The best part was that I got to do it with Myke.


In conclusion, move forward, don`t live a stagnant life. Why should you sit around with a potential like you have and do nothing with it. As long as you are moving forward, God can put you where he wants you to be. God has a plan for you, move forward so that he can direct your path. It`s hard to direct a car that isn`t moving. Jus Saying. Don`t be content to be alive, Live!

I heard a quote this past week that I loved. “If you trust in your intellect, you will always feel like your a fraud, scared to be found out, if you trust in your skills, you will always feel inadequate, If you trust in your looks, you will always feel ugly. That is why we must put our trust in God.“

Still Around, Breaking Silence

Hey! So I’ve been around, I’m still around, not dead, but working through some things. I am acting out here in Vancouver. It’s interesting because there are little bits of me that have been assimilated. It’s up to me to decide what helps and what doesn’t.

My cousin Myke Danger is up from Saskatchewan for a bit to hang out, to have fun. I have had the fantastic opportunity to see where I have changed, what I like about that change and what I don’t. It really has been a blast being up here with Myke. It has been a very different experience then to be up here alone.


I’m not as free as I used to be when I first moved up here and I was experiencing things for the first time. I went through some things that changed me and I’m not sure it was for the better. When you move out to a different place, you still have strong ties back home that keep you grounded and keep you who you are. This is important to keep hold of. When you lose the strength of those ties, you lose who you are. I am talking from experience on this one.

Myke has shown me a lot about who I was and who I am. I am not saying that lightly. There are a lot of things that have become second nature to me that should not have been so second nature. Things about me that are kind of jerkish and not who I am. It’s been good to see a reflection back at me. To see what has become of me compared to the man I used to be.

It’s good to get an outside look at yourself, but it’s also good to stop looking outside yourself and allow yourself to just be what you are, be who you are. Let things that you feel actually hit you. Not to force yourself to be this or be that, but to just let yourself be you. Sometimes it’s hard to do that when you feel that you might be judged and sometimes that is when you need to do it the most..

Myke and I have done a whole lot of things in Vancouver that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do yet, or just wasn’t able to enjoy for a while. We did the Grouse Grind up here in Vancouver. Here is a nice picture from along the way.


We also went up to Deep Cove for a nice hike, here are some pictures from out there.

IMG_20150506_133132 IMG_20150506_140033 IMG_20150506_140429 IMG_20150506_141400 IMG_20150506_141948IMG_20150506_153929

We biked the seawall once.


Went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and did an inception shot of the bread there.


It has been six years since I have seen Myke or talked to him. Maybe we talked once or twice, but I forgot how much I liked hanging around him. I don’t get to see that side of my family much, but I think I may need to change that. It has been so much fun hanging out with him this past week. I’m not used to hanging out with people so much, but with Myke it has been so much fun.

We’ve just been doing things, getting the tourist Vancouver feel, which I haven’t had in a long time. I have started blogging again because it has been a way to long, so this is going to be a Monday routine, hopefully anyways. Enjoy your week!

Dreams and Cosmic Consciousness

I haven’t blogged in a while, this is true, I’ve been a tad busy through everything that is going on in school and stuff, but I have found some time today, so here is my blog.

I was inspired to thought by my aunty from thebookbowery, who can be found at she showed me this video to be found at the following link This is the basis of my blog today. Thanks for the share aunty.

After watching the 17 minute video above I came up with the following thoughts

I see it like this…, I am unable to observe myself at the level that allows me to exist, however, because of cosmic conciousness, which I may not have, but God does have, I can exist. Even when Adam was the only one on the Earth, the fact that God was watching over him allows him to exist. I exist because God says that I exist.

As far as free will, when observed we act differently then when we are not observed. Some may not agree with me, but their singing in the shower will agree with me. Free will is given to us by the only being with cosmic consciousness, God. The only being that can give away free will is the one that is cosmicly conscious. After being given free will, we have the opportunity to give up our will to whatever we want. Peer Pressure, religion, God, etc. So we can submit our free will to a cosmicly conscious God, or we can do whatever we want and hope for the best.

Interesting that God “thought of us before we were in our mother’s womb” so technically if he saw us then, we existed even before we were born.

Also God says “I am that I am” Wow….

We can change our situation by changing how we think. Ever notice the most confident, happy people live the lives most suggested by their confidence and happiness. Most people think that it is their lives that breed such happiness and confidence, but is it possible that we have reversed the situation altogether and the confidence and happiness that they have is what created the life that they live?

I watched some celebrities, Will Smith and Jim Carrey, and I heard them talk about asking the universe for something they wanted and I found it very interesting. This is what I see in regards to that. People don’t ever allow themselves to dream, and that is what I find that these people are talking about. When they say “ask the Universe” it is allowing themselves to believe that they can achieve what they have set out to do. I find that their “asking” is more for them to vocalize what they want then for the universe to respond in any way,

I ask God for what I want, then I go after it with the belief that God is behind me and because I submit to his will I know that if I am supposed to get it, then I will get it, and if not, I don’t need it. So in my opinion asking God is more productive when you submit your will to His, because he can actually help you out beyond just saying what you want….

I find that it is all about dreaming, it really is. People die for lack of vision. I’m in my last term of acting school now and I am seeing people, and sometimes if I don’t catch myself I’m one of them, who don’t believe that they can make it in the acting world…, when the fact is this. If you believe that you can make it, you can make it. If you fight for your dreams, then you will make your dreams come true. It isn’t about whether you are the best, because nobody is the best. When I compare myself to Nathan or MJ, some of my classmates that I use to try to push myself, I am comparing apples to oranges. We may audition for the same roles, but their life experience and who they are is so different that I can barely compare myself to them. MJ and Nathan are fantastic actors that I admire for many reasons, but I will never be them for many reasons. MJ cannot be a better Joel then me and vice versa.

That was kind of a tangent, but what I’m getting at is that you cannot decide whether your dream is valid based on somebody else version of what your dream will look like. Sometimes the best actors don’t look like everybody expects, and sometimes the people who look the part never make it. It isn’t based on looks but belief that you will make it. You are your own worst enemy, and it doesn’t matter what people will say, you will make things work or not based on what you believe.

Here are a couple of people that if looks made a difference, might never be big name actors:

Melissa McCarthy, Jesse Eisenberg, Dustin Hoffman, Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ron Perlman, Jon C. Reily, Jack Black, Whoopie Goldberg, Johnny Depp, Ben Kingsley, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sean Penn, Christpher Walkin, John Candy, Betty White, etc. etc. etc.

Don’t sell yourself short. You can achieve it! Believe!Dylan

Presentation Week

This week is presentation week, well the presentations start this week and they end late next week. and then we get our second week of shooting.  Just like in October when I got to play a diverse group of roles on six different short films that were made.  I learned a lot the last time around and now I get to do it again, this will be fun.  Last time I was working with a bunch of term two video production students, this time I am probably going to be working with a bunch of term one students.  The only thing that I don’t really like about working with term one video production students is that some of them don’t know what they are doing.  You really can’t blame them though, they are only eight weeks into the program, they are about as green as they get without doing a shoot with people that aren’t in school.  This is fun, but I have to learn to keep my mouth shut when I notice some mistakes that they are making.  Usually they can be a little disorganized, but in the end, I’m there to tell a story and as long as I get to do that, then the rest doesn’t matter.  I can’t wait to shoot some more videos.

Also, I get to see the handiwork of the Term 2 Video production students (they are now finishing term 3) that I shot back in October next week, hopefully I can get a DVD of them so that I have something for my promo reel that I am currently trying to put together. Also it will be nice to have something to show my family back home at Christmas when they ask me what I have been up to lately. Of the ones that I am super excited about is Therapist written and directed by Sansitny Ruth, Don’t Think About an Elephant  directed by Tyler Deck, and Two Wise Men written and directed by Latiff Ullah.  We will see how they were edited and how they turned out and I can’t wait to see the end products.

Other then that there have been a lot of things that are going well out here. I have started a project that looks like it is going to turn into a webseries if it turns out well, the great thing about this part is that it stretches me in a completely different direction.  It may not be the cleanest script ever, but it is something that I have never done before.  It looks like I get to play a white kid who thinks that he is a great rapper living in the same house as three other art students and a business student.  Again, its gonna be fun as I get to do stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise ever get the opportunity to play, and I get to see how things go.

Noah and I did  a photoshoot on Halloween, I posted the edited pictures on Facebook not everybody that reads this gets to see them, so I am going to post them up here. Enjoy the three best, and also two throw aways that Noah didn’t really want to use, but I was able to snag from him



The next two are just throw aways that Noah didn’t think was worth editing. One was the first shot of the day, and the other was before we got the lighting down. I wanted them because I was able to have the NorSask Airsoft toque in the photo, I love it. My airsoft roots back in Saskatchewan, I really hope to get to play with you guys when I get to come home for a couple weeks during Christmas.



Here are some behind the scenes of what I was looking at when the photos were being taken.


It was a lot of fun working with my room mate and I hope that I get to work with him sometime again.  He did some headshots with some of my classmates, you should check him out, his facebook page is and his website is that is all about the photoshoot.

The church I go to asked us to do a fast for the Christmas programs asking God to allow us to make an impact on the Vancouver Downtown area. I decided to take this fast.  I am fasting meat, which is a really odd thing because that is all I seemed to eat as I am here. I am learning that there is a lot of food out there besides meat, however, I can’t wait to have a steak when I am done this thing.  I am very curious the effects that this will have on my body.  Whether I will be more or less energetic, ect.  So far I am a week in and I don’t feel any different.  I do crave a huge steak though!

I auditioned and got a small part in a short film that was a Term six video production shoot, apparently it was a shoot that a lot of people wanted to get on, but I had the proper connections so I got the part, I will probably see the end result in two months.  A lot of my successes the past six months I can trace back to the favor that God has given me throughout my time here in Vancouver.  I want to thank you all for praying for me, please continue to do so as I need the favor to keep working and learning out here.

Until next time, my fabled readers, have yourselves a great life! Stay classy!

Other then that there really hasn’t been anything huge going on in my life.

A Life Morphing

So I haven’t made a post in a while, obviously my plan to make it a once a week occurrence has failed.  Not my slowest couple of weeks.  I kind of complained about the workload in acting essentials when I was in the program…, only giving us a month for text analysis on a script.  Ha, now I wish I h ad half that long.  We are given a script a week before we have to do it…, and sometimes the day that we are supposed to be doing the script.  The difference between then and now, I know what I am doing now, so it doesn’t take me as long as before, but they stretch you to the point that  you don’t think that you can do it, and you get to see what you really can do with such a small amount of time.

3 weeks ago we did a science fiction presentation:

From the left is Miguel (as an illegal alien men in black style, so illegal by being in the states and on the planet), Rachel (as Lt. Ahura from Star Trek), Josh (as Cpt. Kirk from Star Trek), Joleigh, (as Kaylee from Firefly), Jake as a robot/android, Me (as a military man from any science fiction show), and Rema (as an Avatar from, you guessed it Avatar).


We took charge of the science fiction presentation and had a little bit of fun with it, special thanks to my friend Shannon Marie Trigger and Kim Thibodeau for the make-up. It was fun, I did the power point presentation and Miguel did the paper presentation, and we got a 30 out of 30 for the work that we did, this made my week because of how much work we put into it.  The work paid off as it always does.

Then we had our ‘week off’ or our shooting week, where we got to work with the term 2 students in the video production department of the school.  I work with two amazing crews on the jail set and the gypsy set. I did six short films in 4 days of shooting, it was so much fun. PICTURES!!!!

From the Left Miguel, Latiff, and myself


Myself hypnotising Miguel in the scene.  This was a seven minute moving master in which you didn’t see my face for the whole thing until the very end.  This one was called Therapist, and it will be on my YouTube channel sometime in January with a parental advisory on it…, in fact I will have to put an advisory on all the short films I did that week just to be sure.

Some good things came out of that script, I met a few directors that I really want to work with again and they want to work with me again, and some people who do some small budget commercials want me to work with them.


The below picture is Miguel and I on the set of Two Wise Men. This was a fun set to be on, and as you can see we were being wise guys.


We were in a studio that we call the Storyium.  This is a giant building with a bunch of different sets, there is a pirate ship on there, and that was super cool.  This was a cool picture of me being super serious with my script in hand that looked like a bird in the grainy picture, but it was fun.


Also you can see pictures of the gypsy set and crew below:


I also did an on location shoot for the term ones, but I’m not expecting a lot from this one, hopefully they will surprise me, but no promises, it will probably be on my YouTube channel if it turns out well.  But they were fun to work with.


Also I am 1 for 1 in auditions, I am shooting another short film on November 11-14, so that will be fun. It is the final shoot for my director of my Not Him video on my YouTube channel.  I can’t wait to work on that set as well.

Also here are a few pictures of me outside of school hanging out on Granville Street:


I still don’t remember what I was hiding from, but I liked the picture, so there it is. and below is Joleigh, Jess, and I carving pumpkins.


We found a chocolate store, this is to make my aunties jealous.  It was tasty stuff too.


One more thing from school. At VFS Matthew Lillard comes to Vancouver to do a workshop with the alumni, and the students are welcome to join to watch, so I got to see my teachers act and react in the workshop and found out that they still deal with the same problems that I have trouble dealing with. Just a few things that I took out of the workshop are the following:

Matt Lillard said “I’m not better than anybody here, I have just logged more hours”, “I have done 50 movies and I still fell lost” telling us that he is just like us.

He said acting at its core is all about energy and people talking about stuff that matters.

The successes inspire us, but we learn most from the failures. For Adam who says pics or it didn’t happen, I got one…, so suck it. See below:


One thing that is getting around, and I wanted to confirm is that I am dating a girl, Joleigh Quiring. I though it was interesting that, yes I am dating a Quiring, Funny but true.  She is amazing, and we have been dating for two weeks now. I know that there will be 100 questions when people read this. So you heard it from me first.  Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. Picture below:


it is a black and white picture, but you can handle it I’m sure.

I’m leaving you with one more photo…, I hope you enjoy itImage

That has been my life over the last three weeks…. Have a great day my fables readers